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RuneScape tutorial, so far

I'm working on a RuneScape tutorial for the entire game. Its a work in progress, but here is what i have so far:
Chapter II
Well, obviously, to start you need to create an account. Make a catchy name, not a name like ‘8105581055’. Seriously, that user needs help. My first account was KatanaMage1, as Katana is a mage off a book I read. Then I was given the account named Deathhelm64. Not sure about the Deathhelm part, but the 64 is off the Nintendo 64. So make a good name. You like fire? PyroWraith, or InfernoPlex, or something. You are sure you want to be a mage? Do what I did, with adding a magery type part to the name. Or make your own name up, like Ehthak or something (DO NOT STEAL THAT NAME!).
Then you will appear the game tutorial. For all other quests, I will give you an in-depth tutorial on them. Not this one. It is extremely self-explanatory, as every person says “Do this exactly like this”. And with arrows all over the island, it’s easy. And you are supposed to learn something for that tutorial.
NOTE: You mine extremely easy and fish even faster in the tutorial. Get those levels up on the island! Get level 3 mining, level 3 smithing, and level 3 fishing (On the tutorial, it only lets you get stats up to level 3) And the rats cannot kill you! Kill lots of them! …Just a little note.
Stop here until you have completed the tutorial and are on the main land.
Once you are off the tutorial island, you will probably appear with up (the top of the monitor) being south. Use the arrow keys to turn your scene, making north the top of the monitor. You will be northeast of the Lumbridge castle. Cross the bridge and walk south and into the courtyard. I will tell you directions from this point. To go to bank: go into bank, go either up or down and go up the spiral stairs 3 times. Then walk into the building and there you are. Note about this bank: There are always people here. If I need free stuff, or need to buy something, or sell something, I go there a lot of the time.
From the Lumbridge courtyard going to the general store: Leave the courtyard and go up until you see a building that has a pot emblem on it (on your mini-map). Enter and talk to either store manager or assistant. Then trade. You won’t need any of that for now, but if you die, you will. If you switch over to the player stock, you may find runes, tools, feathers, and many other things.
Note about the general store: Do not buy anything from the player stock. I will soon show you a market place that is much cheaper. For example: Fire runes are 15 at general store. But they are 9 at Grand Exchange. And you can sell fire runes for 9 at GE (Typical abbreviation for Grand Exchange), while you can only sell then for 5 at the store. I know these are little numbers, but when you start messing with armor, the differences aren’t even comparable. (Rune chest plates are ‘cheap’ at 65k. At the Grand Exchange, they are 45k)
From Lumbridge courtyard to mining areas: There are 2 areas located south of ‘Lumby’ (another abbreviation for Lumbridge). One has copper and tin in it. Then other has coal, Mithril, Adamantite and Runite in it (Extreme mining nuts go there). To go there, exit the courtyard and walk due south, through the grave yard, and at the fork in the road take a west/left. Mine to your hearts delight. (Read my “How to get Rune armor the easy way” to find out the importance of mining)
From Lumbridge courtyard to the weapon shop/cooking spot: Walk down toward where you would go to the mining spot, but instead of going into the grave yard, stop there and look around. Enter either of the buildings, depending if you want to wield a deadly battleaxe, or cook your nice little shrimp. Note: Cooking over a stove decreases your chance of burning food.
From Lumbridge courtyard to fishing spot: Grab your net if you have one, if not pick one up off the ground there. Go to the fork in the road by the mining spot, and take an east/right. Keep walking until you get to the fishing spot. Note: The bubbles move quite a bit, so don’t begin your fishing and walk off. The bubbles mean fish is there.
Now you know your way pretty well around Lumbridge. Be sure to look at your map when you’re looking for something (the mini-globe under your mini-map).
Now I will show all you who don’t have a clue about slangs what most of them are.
Ge: Grand Exchange
Fally: Falador
Lumby: Lumbridge
“I’ll meat u at the teleport spot” Fill in the blank with a town, and that’s where you appear when you teleport there. In Lumbridge its in the courtyard, Verrock its in the town square, and Falador its just south of the gates.
Tele/telly: Teleport
Guth: Guthix
Zammy: Zamorak
Sara: Saradom
“…and I have like 15 fog tokens…”: F.O.G. Fist of Guthix.
“Full Iron”: Full meaning full armor. So it really means Full Iron armor.
Brb: Be right back.
Rotf /Rofl: Rolling on the floor / Roll on the floor laughing
Wc: Wood cutting
Cb: Combat
Fm: Fire making
Lvl: Level
Plz: Please
Ty/Tysm/Tyvm: Thank you/Thank you so much/Thank you very much
Np: No problem (also seen No prob)
Thx: Thanks
Att: Attack
Str: Strength
Def: Defense
Pray: Prayer
(My favorite) lol: Laugh out loud.
Fav: Favorite
OMG: Oh my gosh
Noob: By many peoples standards, it’s a new player that asks for cash, items, and doesn’t accept advise on how to get cash; highly frowned upon by 99% of RuneScape players.
Nub: A different type of noob, according to many players, that asks for advise versus cash or free stuff. Rarely frowned on, gets help almost every time he/she asks for it. Pronounced the same as noob.
Nat: Nature runes
Laws: Law runes (Often purchased at the Lumbridge bank for 1k)
Airs: Air runes
Fires: Fire runes
Earths: Earth runes
Waters: Water runes
Lobby/lobbies: Lobsters
Swordy/swordies: Swordfish
Colonels: A members creature; hardest creature in RuneScape, about level 750.
Scimmy: Scimitar
Baxe/b-axe: Battle Axe
2h/2-h: Two handed sword
Bez: Bezerker shield
Cc: Clan Chat; if some one asks you to join their cc, join the clan of their name unless directed differently.
Wildy: Wilderness
Rev: Reverant creatures; ghost like creatures only found in the wilderness (Thank heavens) that are beyond hard to kill; in full rune I has hit with a 28 by a Reverant Werewolf. There also are many, many variants of Reverants, from Reverant Imps (Level 7) to Reverant Orks (Level 126). When taking on a Reverant, anticipate their level equivalent to be at least 15-25 levels higher then what it says they are. But they drop excellently, and can be attacked by multiple people.
If you get a clan of 10 people who are high, high levels you could go Reverant hunting, and very un popular sport because its almost a guarantied failure. If you win though, Reverant Werewolf’s can drop rune 2h swords, (Members) Reverant Hellhounds can drop Amulet of glory or 15,000 coins. Note: Most of the reverent creatures are the free to play people’s version of members creatures: just way harder.
F2P: Free to play, meaning non-member
Yer: Yeah, yes, ok, any of those. Generally used more by Australians
Aussie: Australian
Ammy: Amulet
Sap/Saph: Sapphires
Emmy: Emeralds
Uncuts: The uncut version of gems, such as Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies; worth more then the cut version; useless for anything except to sell or cut with a chisel.
Blck: Black items, generally armor. Black armor is rare, as it cannot be smelted or mined.
Addy: Adamant armor and weapons.
Whip: Abysle whip; the most honored and respected weapon in Runescape, as it is the strongest. Can be identified at a stripped black-and-gray whip wielded in the right hand, and somewhat coiled. And by a large group of people surrounding the wielder.
Maul: Granite Maul, then next more honored weapon. It is the second most powerful, and is easily identified at a large 2-handed with a square gray block on the end of a staff.
Granite: Granite armor, by many people considered the best armor in Runescape. It’s the third best.
Dragon: Considered by the mass majority of people in Runescape to be the best armor. It’s the second best.
Black elite: Looks like granite armor, except for the complete black coloring with gold trim. The best armor in Runescape.
Torags hammers: If you seriously specalize in Strength and not in Attack, these are the best weapons. One being wielded in each hand, it can strike two blows in the time that most weapons strike one.
Ppl: People
Auto/Autoer: Meaning generally that that person uses an AutoTalker. But can mean an AutoMiner, AutoWoodCutter, AutoMerchant, and other third program hacks. That breaks RuneScape rules, but is legally fine. Illegal hacking is changed code, breaking into secret files, and hack government websites.
“Nice cape”: Generally meaning that some one has a skill cape, which means they have level 99 in the stat that the capes emblem on the back shows. Some people will ask for the skill emote, which is only available to use if you have a skill cape. Depending on the skill, the emote will be different (ex: Strength skill emote is a guy lifting a huge weight with one hand)
(G): Gold trimmed armor; nearly only seen in adamant and rune, a little with black. At the Grand Exchange, if you want to buy trimmed rune lets say, you would type in ‘Rune (g)’. Note that gold trimmed anything is much, much more expensive then normal armor (Rune amror costs 180k, while rune (g) costs 1.8Mil)
(T): Same as gold trimmed, except more of a blue-gray color; looks good with rune armor but lousy with most of the other armors.
M/Mil: Million GP
B/Bil: Billion GP
Other terms:
The number 3 can be exchanged for E (ex: “I pwn3d u!”)
The number 5 and the symbol $ can be exchanged for S (ex: “ye555!” or “ye$$$!”)
“My main could do that” Main meaning their account that has either a better level or they play more often.

Some dialogue you are bound to hear at your level: “Noob!” “Newbie.” “Weakling.”. Don’t get put down by this! I personally don’t call people noobs because I didn’t like it, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. Now, if someone starts cussing you out, even if it looks like this: “YOU NO GOOD ****! U SHOULD ******* DIE!” Report them immediately!
Now, if a cuss word does get through, stop EVERYTHING ELSE and report them! We do not tolerate cussing people on RuneScape! And if they sexually talk to you, other than saying “you look good” report them!
All the cuss words and most of their variants are censored, but other words are censored too. Now, for your reference, Jegax blocks the word ‘password’, your actual password, and your actual password backwards.
Making money:
As a newbie (I won’t refer to you as a noob; newbie just sounds better and nicer), you need money, and an easy way to get money. I will give you all the steps you need to make money. The items you will need (in order):
1. Fishing net/crawdad cage
2. Access to a fire/stove
3. Iron weapon
You will need to fish shrimp/crawdad until you have a full inventory. Then go and cook them. You will probably burn about 50%; that is fine. Drop the burnt fish and get your iron weapon. If you have armor, wear it. Now go back over the bridges to the east side, then go north. You will see lots of goblins. Kill these if you like, but these aren’t you moneymakers. If you drop mail, pick up 3 and leave the rest. You will need these for a quest later on.
Continue north until you find a cow pasture. Enter through the gate, and start killing cows. At your level, they will hurt you, especially with little or no armor. So eat food when necessary. I know that shrimp give you 3 points of health.
When you kill a cow, it will crop 3 things: bones, meat, and cowhide. Pick up the cowhide and bones. Bury the bones for prayer points, and keep the hide. Leave the meat for now. Continue the process until you have a full inventory of hides. Then go to the Lumbridge bank and deposit them all. Return and get more hides. Deposit. Return. Cycle continues.
Once you get about 200 hides, you will sell them at a town called Verrock. Leave them in the bank. Go to the gate of the cow pasture, but keep going north. Note: leave at least 40 run points left before entering Verrock. You will need them! You will make a left-hand turn in the road right before coming to a fork. Take a left. You will be going west then. Then the road will turn to the north. Once you see lots of yellow dots on your mini-map, and a circular shaped row of pillars, RUN. They are level 20 Dark Wizards, who attack anyone who ventures past them. They can inflict damage all the way up to 8, so be careful!
Once past them, you can slow down again. Keep going north until you find a large fountain that is shaped like 4 pie-pieces. Take a left here. Enter into the first doorway you meet going north. You will now be in a large bank, also referred to as the ‘big bank in Verrock’. There is also a little bank, if you would have gone right at the fountain. Walk through the bank, and keep walking until you meet walls. Walk through the open gates. Talk to a man named Bugle Burgess. He will tell you about the Grand Exchange.
After chatting with him, continue north until you find a large pillar with people all around it, and people in tuxedos all around it. The gray tuxedo people are bankers, while the blue tuxedos and Grand Exchange people. While in the bank, push the little note button on the bottom on the bank window, and withdraw all your hides. Then right-click the blue tuxedo people and select the ‘exchange Grand Exchange’. A new window will open. Click the button with the back-pack and an arrow pointing out of it.
Now right-click on your hides and select ‘offer all’. Then push the ‘confirm offer’ button. Hides generally will sell at market price, but you can change the price lower. Or higher. Rarely will people buy items at maximum price unless it is either rare or extremely popular.
Ok, your hides will sell for about 125 apiece. Whats 200 X 125? Hmm… it is 25,000. You just made 25k! That is incredible for a newbie! Now, look at your stats. If your defence level is under 5, buy iron armor. If it is above 5, buy steel or black if it is above level 10. Buying things at the Grand Exchange is backwards from selling. Click on the back-pack with arrow pointing into it, then type in either ‘Iron armour’, or ‘Steel armour’. Since this game is worldwide, they use the spelling that is used most commonly, not necessarily American.
Once you have searched that, select one of the two results. One will say ‘Iron armour full (l)’ and one will say ‘Iron armour full (sk)’. If you are a guy you want the (l), because it means legs. If you are a girl, you want (sk), because it is a plate skirt. It’s ironic how much those leggings/skirt effect your appearance. My sister is playing my KatanaMage1 account, which is a male persona. But when she wears the skirt, everyone thinks she is a girl persona.
Once you buy it, it will be a cube. “Oh wow, let’s wear a cube as armor!” Nope, it doesn’t work that way. With the cube in your inventory, right-click the blue-tuxedo people and select ‘exchange sets’. A new window will appear. Right-click your inventory, and select ‘exchange components’. Then you will have a full helm, kite shield, chest plate, and leggings/skirt. Wear them, and now you don’t look as much like a newbie.
Go back and kill cows and collect hides again. Continue the process until you have level 10 defense and 9k (should be easy), then buy black armor. Wow, you’ve come a long ways!
Be content with black. But don’t stop working on your defense and attack levels! And work on your strength levels, too.
Now to begin the simplest quest: Cooks assistant

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Elections and birthdays.

Along with the elections come my birthday (oh joy)! To all of those who know me, this is my with list:

Onua Mistika. $13.00

Big slurpy mug. $6.00-$8.00.

Bionicle bedding (preferably either the Mahri or Metru). $25.00-$50.00

Stryker paintballs (MUST BE STRYKER! The other balls break in the hopper and barrel.) $15.00?

Any Paintballing equipment.

Any Bionicle set except Tahu, Mazeka, Takanuva, Any good-guy sets that have the 'Phantoka' emblem, Mutran and Vican, any matoran (except Vultraz), and the Toa of life. I have them. $10.00-$80.00.

A 50 or 100 pack of CD-Rs. $10.00-$15.00?

A new CD player... one with a CD player, radio, and cassete player.

A NEW TRAMPOLINE! (Heh heh heh) $50.00-$150.00? (kinda kidding, but would be great)

MINDSTORMS NTX!!!!!!!!!!!! $250.00

McCain getting elected!!! Priceless. :D

I dunno what else... you guys know me... get something interesting!


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The Virus: chapter 2

Chapter II


“YES! YESYESYES! He signed up! Wa-hoo!” Kiihka had no idea what he was getting himself into. When Shadix arrived, he wasn’t what Kiihka had expected.
“You know that weapons longer then 8” are suppose to be kept in you cabin?” Kiihka said to Shadix after the first few days. Instead of saying something like “Oh, I didn’t know”, he stooped down to the little Matoran and said:
“I’m going to keep it outside of my cabin unless I go into my cabin. Then it comes into my cabin because I’m in the cabin. I keep my weapon on my at all times.”
“Well, that’s violating the… uh… rules.”
“Whose rules? Yours or the law?”
“Well… um… mine”
“Then may I strongly suggest you let me keep my weapon on me.”
Later, Shadix and Kiihka butted heads again.
“Hey! No food in the cabins!”
Shadix looked up from his research lab.
“What did you say?”
“No uh… food in the cabins.”
“Let me ask you something: if you knew today was your day on earth, what would you do differently? Especially if, by doing something differently, today might not be your last day on earth.”
Kiihka was beat again. Finally, Kiihka tried to gain a little ground.
“I could kick you out of the camp for violating so many of my rules.” Then it hit him. Wrong word choice.
“You could kick me out. But would you? I really doubt it. A Matoran like you can’t push a Toa like me, or any Toa out of this camp.”
Kiihka was not getting ground. He knew that Tanma and Photok were on his side (unless it came to the ‘Turbo Tazor light eliminator 15000’), but at the rate he could be completely be pushed out of the camp! The thought of losing his power was too much.

Something snapped.

Now he was determined to kick Shadix out of the camp. He went over to talk to Tanma and Photok.
“Guys, I need your help.”
“With what?” Said the perky Tanma.
“You know Shadix has been breaking a lot of rules lately?”
“Yeah…” They both said.
“I’m kicking him out. Undoubtedly he will fight. I need you too to take him on, and drive him out.”
“What! You want me to fight my friend? Kiihka, seriously, forcing him out is one thing. Fighting him is a whole different topic!” Tanma said.
“Do it, or I’ll force you out to. Photok? Any questions?”
“I really want to stay here, but I’m not fighting him. Have you seen his training stats?!” Photok said.
“I own his stats! I know he’s strong! That’s why you two are fighting him, not me.”
“Fine! I’ll fight him, only if he starts the fight.” Tanma said, reluctantly.
“Same here… I guess.” Photok said.
“Good! I’ll go talk to him now. You guys sneak up behind him if he says ‘no’ to going.”
“Sneak up behind him! No way!” Tanma said.
“You want to stay here, or leave with Shadix?”

“Shadix! Hey Shadix! I want to talk to you.”
“What, Kiihka?”
“Well, since you’ve been breaking a lot of my rules, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.”
“No! C’mon, a rule about food in your cabin is kinda—“ But Shadix never finished what he was gonna say. A Blade was put to his neck.
“Go on. Just leave.” A voice said from behind.
“Tanma! I didn’t think you would make friends with this crazy Matoran!”
“He’s got a point…” Photok said.
“Just… leave.” Tanma said.
“NO!” Shadix said. He did a back flip, so the dagger only slid down his chest armor. He whipped out his sword and blocked a blow from Tanma. To counter it, he spun his curved blade around, making it tricky to hold for Tanma. Then, with a fast movement he slammed he knee into Tanma’s hand, smashing and twisting it against the force of the sword. Tanma cried out and let go of his weapon at once. Shadix spun around only the duck under Photok’s duel-sided axe. Then Shadix let go of his weapon and jumped to the ground. Using his arms, he launched himself backwards and toward Photok. Shadix’s feet hit Photok in the chest hard, hard enough to knock him down. Then Shadix picked up his weapon again. He looked up just in time to dodge an arrow from Kiihka.
“Coward! Your henchmen come up from behind, and I beat them. Then you try to kill me from the side!”
With that, Shadix lunged at Kiihka. With a sweep with his sword, the cross bow was cut in half. He grabbed Kiihka and threw him backward. At this point Photok and Tanma were not happy. They both got up and attacked Shadix from opposite directions. Shadix jumped up in the air and simulated a running process, kicking both Tanma and Photok in the face twice. They both stumbled back. Now Tanma’s anger was on full fury. He was mad at Kiihka for manipulating him into fighting a friend, and now he was angry with a friend for fighting back so hard. He picked his sword up and now had one idea: to kill Shadix, or Kiihka, depending on who got in his way first. Right now, Shadix was in his way.
“You die now!” Tanma cried out. He lunged at Shadix’s back. Shadix turned around to block the blow, knee Tanma in the gut, and kick him backward. But instead of spending a few seconds recuperating from the blow, he instantly shot at Shadix again. Now it was hand-to-hand combat. Both swords flashed brightly in the afternoon sun. Tanma had the advantage of anger and that the sun was to his back, but Shadix knew how to fight very skillfully. Each blow Tanma threw was blocked, and sometimes countered by Shadix. But Shadix didn’t get many hits on Tanma at all. But then Tanma did something kind of stupid that cost him. He raised his sword above his head, intending to strike from the top. Shadix took the opportunity to smash into Tanma’s chest with his shoulder. This knocked Tanma backward, and he dropped his weapon. Shadix held his blade to Tanma’s neck.
“Surrender?” Shadix said. But right then he looked up and got plowed down by Photok
“’Surrender’? You nut! We’re Toa! We never give up!” Photok said.
“You’ll eat your words. I’m a Toa, too!” Shadix said. Photok was on top of his chest, straddling him. Shadix (being VERY agile) reached back with his legs and wrapped them around Photok’s neck and pulled him off. Tanma had gotten up and swung his sword at Shadix. He dodged it and grabbed his own weapon and started fighting both at the same time. He cut the head off Photok’s axe, making it useless. Then he did a jump-kick attack were he spun his whole body around so his feet collided into Tanma. Tanma was forced backwards, giving Shadix some time to push Photok to the ground.
“Why? Why do you want to kill me?” Shadix said to the charging Tanma. Tanma didn’t answer. But Shadix raised his leg and kicked. This proved to be very bad. Tanma grabbed his leg and twisted it, making Shadix fall down. Shadix was on his chest, so he tried doing the same trick he’d done to Photok. He launched himself up and toward Tanma. Tanma moved out of the way, but Shadix gained his balance, standing up. But right before Shadix was going to attack, something metal hit him hard in the face. Everything started going black.
Kiihka had tied a heavy weight to a rope that was going over Shadix’s head. So Kiihka threw the weight, and it came and hit Shadix in the head. Kiihka was hoping this would kill him, but it didn’t. But it was making everything go black for Shadix.
“Now who’s so strong, little Toa?” Tanma said to the fading Shadix.
“Throw him out!” Kiihka said.
Then everything went black.

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I'm back

Back from vacation... *sigh* it was soooooooooooooooooooo good! I wish we didn't have to come back so soon.
ANTWAYS, I'm back and happyish.
Our silly cat is molting. My hands are covered with fur.
Oh well. Part of the joys of animals.


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2 things...

I'm going on vacation. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! So I won't be posting until sunday.
New sprite comic!
None currently. Sorry. Go check out the New notdoppler games instead!


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Fooled ya!


Monday's Chapter AND...

Young Toa Camp

Chapter I

New Registration

Matoran Kiihka was rummaging through his E-mail. “25% off on your next oil refill @ Wal-mart!” “Save thousands on colleague tuition!” “Click here for a free laptop!”.
“Yeah, sure.” He mumbled. He was hoping to find something that had to do with his YTC (Young Toa Camp). As he deleted two pages of junk, he saw something interesting. “Hey qwertyuiop123, ToaTanma445 has sighed up for your camp!”
“Oh good!!” He said as he clicked on it. He read through the application.
“Interesting… yeah, cool!” He clicked the ‘accept’ button.

A few days later, Kiihka met with ToaTanma445. It turned out the he really was Toa Tanma. He had the body that he had as a Matoran, but longer legs and arms and wielded a tri-bladed scimitar. He wore the mask Miru, mask of levitation. It looked the same as when he was a Matoran. His color scheme was gray and light green with a side-color of silver.
“Hello Qwertyuiop123!” Said Tanma
“And hello to you, ToaTanma445!” Kiihka said as he walked up to Tanma. “So, are you ready for camp? Right now, you’re the only one who was sighed up.”
Tanma gave him a look of ‘what? You gotta be kidding me’.
“You should have a bunch of people… at least one more!”
“Nope! You’re my first one!”
“Whoa… I gotta tell my friends about this. I don’t wanna get lonely here!”
“Oh, you won’t have much time to get lonely.”
By the time Kiihka got home, he had another registration!
“Hmm… Spinax8U… that’s nice.” He said as he pushed the ‘accept’ button.
Once Spinax8U and ToaTanma445 got to the camp, they say something they hadn’t expected. 20-foot tall protosteel walls, electrified barbed wire on the top, and huge gates.
“Whoa. It looks… almost evil.” Said Tanma
“No kidding.” Replied Photok
“Just wait till you get inside.” Said Kiihka
“Lemme guess, a dungeon?” Said Tanma
“An execution room?” Said Photok
“You guys are nuts.”
Once they actually got past the 45-padlocked door, they saw a completely different scene. It was a training arena, Bunks, shops, basketball hoop, baseball field, main control center, and a lot more space for more stuff.
“Dibs on the aspen bunks!” said Photok
“What the heck is THAT?!” said Tanma pointing over to a creature with huge fangs, and claws, and spins, and red eyes.
“That’s a Spinax!” Said Photok. “It’s chained up. Not worries.”
“Do you know much about Spinax?”
“Oh yeah. Notice the username? ‘Spinax8U’.” Said Photok
“That’s not encouraging. ‘Spinax8U’? That’s the same as Spinax ate you!”
“Well… yeah. That can’t be helped.”
“But I want the oak bunks.” Said Tanma. All the rows of bunks are named after trees. So when Photok wanted aspen, and Tanma wanted oak, that meant they wanted those bunk rows.
“So, Qwertyuiop123—I mean Kiihka---what are we going to do soon?” Asked Tanma
“Um, we’ll train, learn to fly better, mess around, and free time. We’ll also get to know everybody better.” Replied Kiihka
“Ok, so what do we do today?” Said Photok
“You two can get to know each other, and we’ll do a little training. Have fun! Oh, by the way, here is a 5-widget coupon for any of the stores. Widgets will be rewards for good competitors.”
“Soooooo, what is the first training stunt?” Asked Photok
“I will be in a stationary energy tank, and I will be shooting at you while you’re in the air.”
I think Photok and Tanma turned white. The idea of this crazy Matoran they have known for a day or two shooting at them was a bit much.
“Don’t worry, you two. It’s just a light-gun. It doesn’t REALLY fire!”
“THANK GOODNESS!!” Said Tanma and Photok at the same time.
“So when do you want to begin?”
“Sooner the better! Beatchya to the training arena, Photok!” Said Tanma, shooting away with his jetpack.
“Oh no you don’t!” replied Photok, who was right behind him.
Later, Kiihka got in the ‘Turbo Tazor light eliminator 15000’ (or the light tank), and told Tanma to stand in the middle of the arena.
“When the score-board counts to five, start flying FAST!” said Kiihka
“What the heck!?” Said Tanma as he launched off the ground
ZONCH! ZONCH! The ‘Turbo Tazor light eliminator 15000’ shot at him insanely! ZONCH---CRRACK!! A light beam actually hit Tanma, and a sensor made the CRRACK sound. ZONCH—CRRACK—ZONCH—CRACK—ZONCH---CRACK!!
“Oh my gosh!” said Tanma after the game. The ‘Turbo Tazor light eliminator 15000’ had shot 20 shots. The results: ‘Turbo Tazor light eliminator 15000’ hit Tanma 17 times, and missed 3. Tanma had dodged 3 and got hit by 17.
“Gosh, my ear is ringing from all those cracks.” Said Tanma. I really doubt that Photok wanted to try it.
“Ready Photok?”
“Uhh… uhh yeah I guess.”
“When the score board—“
“Yeah, yeah, I know. Bring it on.”
FIVEFOURTHREETWOONEGO!!! (Right before it said ‘go’, Photok took off) FWOOGE!!
ZONCHZONCHZONCHZONCH!!! Not one of those shots hit Photok.
“Hey, I’m doing pretty good—“
“I’m afraid you spoke to soon!” Yelled Tanma, not in a good mood
“Yeah sure. I’ve gotten hit once—“
“I say it again, you spoke to soon!”
“Stop! I surrender—“
Tanma was trying to muffle his laughter. He was cracking up.
“My ears! Turn off the ‘cracking’ part!”
“Mercy! I surrender!”
By this time, Photok could hardly hear his own voice the ringing in his ears was so loud.
“Ok, that’s all!” said Kiihka
Kiihka made motions with his hands for Photok to come close. He put his mouth next to Photok’s ear and shouted:
Photok looked at him blankly.
“I’LL STOP!!!!”
“You’ll stop?”
“Good! Now, where is my bunk?”
“We’re not done for today!”
“What?” Replied Photok, more-or-less deafly.
Kiihka pulled out a piece of paper and wrote ‘We’re not done for today’ on it.
“But… but… oh no…” said Photok
“We’re gonna kick it up a notch”
“Then PLEASE turn off the cracking!”
“Nope! That’s your punishment for getting hit.”
Photok turn even paler then before. Tanma burst out laughing at the sight.
“So, lets begin with…. Tanma!”
“Me? Ok…”
“Alright…. Ready?” Said Kiihka when they were ready.
“What on earth? Why is it so slow—“ but Photok was cut off by a deafening roar.
“Ack!” said Tanma
The ‘Turbo Tazor light eliminator 15000’ was shooting a steady beam. Not single shots, but a continual blast of light.
“Catch me now!” said Tanma, shooting strait up.
The light beam had trailed him, giving off a deafening crack.
“NOW catch me!” Said Tanma, shooting off in many spirals and twists that he hoped wouldn’t catch him. After about a minute of that (Tanma was getting dizzy by now), Kiihka said he could come back to ground.
“Wow, you’re doing good. Now, since Photok the great didn’t do well last time, he will have to push harder this time.” Kiihka said. Photok looked like an Ice Toa he was so white. “Ready?”
“Well… erm… I guess” Photok replied.
“Alright… stand there and wait for the count down.”
“Not again…” Photok said.
“Hey, what’s going on?”
“OH NO!” Photok said. ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!! The beam kept firing, the same way it did to Tanma.
“Stop! Seriously! Stop! This isn’t right!” Photok kept saying. In his mind, he was flying. In reality he was still on the ground.
“You might want to start flying!” Tanma said.
“I am flying—wait…”
Then Photok realized the truth. It was so loud that he forgot to start his jetpack!
“Oh great…” He said. The scoreboard was going crazy at this point. ‘124,324,456 shot, 124,324,456 hit’ is what it said. And it was going up. Needless to say, Photok wasn’t impressed.
After about a few minutes of this, Kiihka said he could come down (erm, motioned).
“Now you can go to your bunk!” He said. Then he remembered what sound each hit of the laser made. Photok didn’t even know that Kiihka was saying something to him.

“Ah! A text message!” Kiihka said. It said: hi dude I wunt 2 sine up 4 ur camp thx Shadix (It meant “Hi dude. I want to sign up for your camp. Thanks! ~Shadix”). So Kiihka texted him back, saying: kk dude my email is tell me about urslf. Thx o and go to my site 4 reg. (Ok dude, my E-mail is Tell me about yourself. Thanks! Oh, and go to my site, for registration.)

BTW, all those links aren't real.

AND NOW, FOR THE FEATURE PRESENTATION(erm, something like that)!!

PS: Yesterday, I was 2nd on the scoreboard for points on Shadez: black operations!!

(no lie! I drew that!)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Check out this new energy drink coming out on sep 15! wow!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Game reviews!!

Shadez-black operations.
You are the General of a Black Operations unit. Deploy troops, attack vehicles and missile strikes on the approaching enemy.

An interesting game where it's hard to win if you don't plan right. Like the first thing you need to do is buy the tank under upgrades. next, deploy troops. from there, it doesn't matter as much.

One of the most unique quizzes you will ever undertake. No further comment required. (Photosensitive Seizure Warning)

The (Photosensitive Seizure Warning) thing is for one part where 100 pictures apear and disapear in five seconds. and they're different colors.
I find the game a little stupid. It asks you silly stuff, like "you like bagels?".
PS: It hints at a swear word.

Help a fallen star return to its homeland by jumping up platforms as high as you can. Use the arrow keys to move and jump.

A little kids game, by far. I got board easily. But for little tikes, not to bad.
for me: 4/10. for little tikes: 8-9/10

Prism - the light way.
An interesting puzzle game in which you must direct the light of the Bulboid creatures at the Glowbos.

Nice puzzle game. I like the puzzle version personaly, but it can vary.

You are stuck in a living room, with only one thought on your mind... 'escape'!

I actully haven't played this game, or any of the '_____ ecsape' games. But it looks like fun to those who like it.

Build up your defense as you protect yourself from an onslaught of Middle-Earth inspired enemies; including orcs, goblins and dragons.

Whoot! LOTR stikes again!! Funny, though, be Shadez-black operations is very much like this game. These are the first games I've seen of this style since war of ages (not a fun game: boring and it takes FOREVER AND EVER!!!). This is fun though. But the confounded cave trolls keep killing me!
Slightly bloodly.

That finishes off this week. Saterday: Sprite kit!

.:Shadix:. (how funny. I thought of Shadix, and Sean T Cooper & Crazy Monkey Games thought of Shadez)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Poster for my room


BZ-Power... into Wirlwind

Wirlwind is the newest of my companies